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Srija receives an empowering gift this pongal

Srija receives an empowering gift this pongal

When we first heard about Srija, the daughter of a woman who wants nothing more than a college education for her daughter, we were all impressed by the mother! The fact that she gave so much importance to her daughter's education made us really happy. And then we learned more about the daughter Srija. A first year undergraduate student, Srija is well aware of how hard her mother works just to send her to college. 

Unlike other girls her age who enjoy their free time after college, Srija learned to sew so she could earn some money to pay off the tuition loans her mother has taken. In other words, a great role model! At Nyrvaana we are always looking for girls like Srija. 

The harvest festival in South India, Pongal was the day Srija received a new sewing machine from Nyrvaana. And here she is in her new Pongal clothes, at her machine ready to earn money towards her college fees on her own sewing machine! 

And, that is not all --- Srija is now going to make products for Nyrvaana! We are thrilled to have played a role in the empowerment of Srija and will be closely watching her journey!

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  • Mala on

    A story as sweet as chakkarai Pongal !

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