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Our Story

At Nyrvaana, we are passionate about recycling! We love bright colors, cotton and silk fabrics and things that remind us of how beautiful our earth is. Which is why we cannot bear to see charming, old fabrics being thrown away to end up as landfill. Rather, we want to give them new life and unravel the secrets that are tightly locked within the delicate threads. All our fabrics (old sarees, kurtas, cushion covers, scarves, curtains etc.) are pre-washed and sun dried before they are fashioned into Nyrvaana products. 

Since we upcycle available materials, our products are truly one batch of a kind that can’t be reproduced once we run out of that particular saree or scarf etc.  So, if you like something you see here, grab it before it is gone forever.  Of course, we will still have the same style of product available, but in a different color and a different border- it all depends on what fabric we come upon!

Our pouches are rich in design elements – charming borders are added to pouches to enhance their beauty. Putting together these pouches is much more labor intensive than using new fabric but we believe these old favorites deserve attention in their new avatar.

When you buy a Nyrvaana product you make more than a style statement, you show you care for the environment and believe in second chances.

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