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A weavers tale

A weavers tale

A weavers tale is told through the fabric they weave. Every thread holds a story, every border a secret and every flower shows the pride of workmanship.  And the best part is that the story is forever - the beauty of woven fabric can be enjoyed again and again! 

After visiting the weaver's village in Uppada in South India, I know I will never throw away anything made of hand woven fabric. I went inside the tiny houses of the weavers and ran my hand over their old, wooden looms that took up the entire front room. The man of the house was weaving a saree after carefully calculating how many threads of each color he needed to make the desired pattern. The woman sat on the floor spinning the silk thread while the daughter finished the saree, by tying up the threads at the end, with her deft fingers.  There was a power cut which made the natural sunlight the only light by which they all worked. 

I did not see the finished product but the rich colors remain in my eyes! The lucky owner of the saree probably has no idea what went into getting the saree ready. 

When the saree gets old or tears, remember we are here to make another beautiful product out of it.

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