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Our Team


Our designer-in-chief, she makes all design decisions.  You can often find her putting borders against fabric and gazing at it. Known for her taste in cotton sarees, she refuses to wear anything made of synthetic fabric. An obsessive recyler, Subbayamma refuses to throw out any piece of fabric!


An engineer by training, Padma is our "template" guru. She measures, cuts and creates samples in a flash.  A perfectionist and an expert on the sewing machine, she expects stitches to be evenly spaced, in a straight line and as per specification!


Threading a needle is a difficult task for Anu but she IS our sales and marketing team, our business development team and our chief recruiter for beneficiaries!  What she lacks in sewing skills is made up by her love for cotton and silk fabric and every thing natural. She is full of ideas which the team is running around to implement. 


An advertising professional, Mala is the creator of our logo and all marketing materials for Nyrvaana.  As an Art Facilitator Mala has transformed lives of special children and their families through the world of art. Check out her forum on Facebook, "A Special World'- for families of children with special needs.