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Congratulations to Geetha for her awesome grades!

Geetha is a second year engineering student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Geetha is motivated, driven and nothing will stop her from becoming a successful professional!  Which is why Nyrvaana is supporting her education by helping her with the tuition fees. 

The combined income of her parents is less than the annual tuition, her family does not own a computer which is needed by every student and she is a first generation engineering student ... but none of these challenges stopped Geetha from being accepted to a good engineering school and securing top grades! 

Geetha stays back in college after hours, meets with her teachers for extra coaching and is not shy to seek help from fellow students with homework. In short, she is doing all the right things to become successful! She has sought the help of a technology firm in Hyderabad to get a laptop so she can work late at home instead of staying back in college. 

We know there are many Geethas out there and we want to help as many of them as possible. Good Luck Geetha - Nyrvaana is with you all the way!

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