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Basmati Bag

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The name says it all!  If you ever bought the fragrant Basmati rice that comes in a jute bag, you know the bag is strong and comes with a nice zipper but once the rice is consumed most people throw away the bag or banish it to a hidden corner of the house, perhaps never to come out! 

We decided to upcycle these rice bags into grocery bags with strong handles for your weekly grocery trips.  So we started with strengthening the bags with heavy cotton fabric and then while we were at it, we decided to make the bags reversible - just in case you don't want to advertise you like Basmati rice!  And there is more; additional pockets to hold your belongings! 

This bag is our personal favorite and will soon become yours. This is our strongest bag and can be used to heavy groceries.

All you rice eaters out there -  send us your jute rice bags and we will upcycle it for you!

Note: The handles and side fabric may vary from picture. We have blue, red and printed red.

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