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Kanchi Silk Saree Pencil/Eyeglass Case (Set of 2)

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These pencil cases are made of pure Indian silk fabric taken from beautiful sarees that have been worn and are ready now for a new life.  Many hands went into weaving these fabrics, many evenings were enjoyed by women wearing these sarees and many compliments were received --- all because of these sarees. What a shame it would be to throw these away into landfill or hide them in the dark corners of a closet! 

These can be used as purses, as pencil cases, as technology cases, eyeglass cases etc.  Nyrvaana women lovingly made these purses with pride --- pride that comes from making a product well, from contributing to the environment and from being able to say they earned their own money! 

These are sold as a set of 2 for $15

SIZE: 9 1/2" x 4 1/2"

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