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Maroon Gold Upcycled Art - Kanchi Silk

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Some art pieces are valuable because of the memories associated with it. And some pieces are valuable because they are simply beautiful. But what about those pieces which are gorgeous AND come with a thousand lovely memories spread over many years? Memories that take you to your childhood, your teen years, and years as a carefree young adult! Those art pieces are priceless.

Here is one such art piece adorning the house of a family with little children. It is made out of the wedding saree of the children's grandmother who is no more. Every day the family gets to see the absolutely stunning part of the saree -- the saree was handwoven as a special custom order for the wedding. The auspicious deep red/maroon was made even deeper by the rich gold. the saree was not salvageable - in fact it was breaking into pieces along the folds. It took a lot of design creativity and many trips to crafts stores before we could put the pieces together to form this grand piece. 

If you have precious memories knit into fabric bring it to us and we will transform it into a family heirloom you can treasure everyday! And trust us when we say it will become a conversation piece! 

Size: 16 inches by 16 inches

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