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Kamcha Line - Full Embroidery Table Linen (set of 6)

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From the land of tea plantations and silk fabrics, we procured the traditional "kamcha" which is a piece of white fabric with elaborate depictions of wildlife, temples and other treasures found in the state of Assam (the northeast of India).  Assam is home to the one-horned Indian Rhino, the wild water buffalo, and exotic flora. No surprise then, that scenes from nature depicting the flora and fauna, can be found on the kamchas. A red thread is used to weave the pictures into the kamchas that are worn by both men and women.  As soon as we laid our eyes on the kamchas, our imagination ran wild with all the products we could make from them. 

Our designer got to work, drawing picture after picture, and then our women sat down on their sewing machines to make our vision come to life.  And so started our "Kamcha Line" -- a unique line of products to celebrate weavers from Assam. 

This product is a set of 6 reversible tablemats that fit nicely into a matching storage case with a zipper! One side is fully embroidered kamcha. Pure cotton woven fabric forms the other side, so if you like to mix things up, you have an option of using the other side!

Gift it as is or keep it for yourself and admire it every time you lay the mats on the table. 

Tablemat: 17.5 " by 13.5"

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