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Everyday Tablemats

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Some days all you need to create a warm, cosy dinner environment are some hardy, linen tablemats. Something that is not overly fancy but adds a homely touch to the table.  Our everyday tablemats are made exactly to serve this purpose. They are upcycled from what used to be curtains, and lined with cotton backing that served as the curtain backing.  The sturdy fabric is handwoven in the IKAT style. 

This set of 8 tablemats was made by women in Chennai, providing them an additional source of income. Our designer spent an entire day with them teaching them how to make these tablemats.  The result was not just these tablemats but an A+ to the women who made them and can now boast a new skill! 

This product fulfills Nyrvaana's triple mission of saving fabric from landfill, providing women with a new source of income AND empowering them with a new skill! 

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