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Brocade Purses/Clutches - CLEARANCE

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A donation of several remnant pieces of brocade got us really excited! The possibilities were many, the fabric pieces were small, the feel of brocade was amazing! Our designer finally decided on these adorable purses with matching borders to accentuate the brocade, 

The purse has two zippered pockets to keep currency notes and coins. An added detail is the presence of two credit card pockets. The purse folds in and is closed with a magnetic snap button. Don't missing the lining of this purse --- and if you have not already guessed it, the lining fabric is another remnant itself!

After selling out all our purses, we went looking for any old brocade fabric we could use and hit the jackpot! A donor gave us a bunch of brocade shawls that she was not using and Nyrvaana women got busy making purses. Check out our all new collection of brocade purses. Carry it as a clutch to your next party! 

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