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Silk Clutch

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Perfection! That is the word that comes to mind when you see our silk clutch. Nyrvaana women have perfected the clutch to a point where every stitch is perfect! This clutch is made from the end (pallu) of a hand woven kancheevaram silk saree. While the rest of the saree is torn, the pallu was pristine is in its beauty. Of course, Nyrvaana would never let such a beautiful piece of silk go into landfill! Our designer ran her hand over the silk and decided the fabric had to be made into a product whose softness could be touched. What better product than a clutch which remains in the hand of the person using it?  Notice the attention to detail in the design of the clutch. We did not just take the fabric, fold it and add zippers and a button. Our designer made sure the gold weave was most visible on the body of the clutch. The icing on the cake is the gold peacock that surprises you with its beauty when you open the purse!

We were able to get just 5 precious pieces out of the fabric we had.  Until we find another magnificent piece of silk fabric, this is it! 

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