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Peacock Coasters

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Some say the beauty of India is captured in its majestic elephants and gorgeous peacocks! The sight of an elephant never fails to mesmerize. You could keep looking at it for hours. The same goes for a peacock. Even if you see one every day the sight of a peacock with its fan in full glory never fails to make you gasp at the beauty.

When we saw small pieces of excess fabric with elephants and peacocks printed in gold on them, we knew we could make something of lasting beauty with them.  And this is what we made --- reversible coasters with the black/gold elephants and peacocks on one side and a pleasing blend of red/pink plain fabric on the other. The result - absolutely gorgeous coasters that are like an art piece!

We would recommend this as a gift set for that someone in your life who likes the words global, women empowerment and environment friendly ... except we know that once you lay eyes on this, you may not want to give it as a gift to anyone; trust us when we say you will want to keep it for yourself!

The set includes 6 coasters

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