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Heirloom Series: Kanchi Silk Tablemats (6)

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We received a donation of a pure hand woven silk saree that is 50+ years old. The fabric has faded in places and the saree has torn in places but what lives on are the hand woven gold flowers, close in some places, apart in others.  If only the fabric could speak it would tell us stories from the times gone by where weavers made sarees one at a time while chatting with each other. This saree was custom woven for a bride to wear at her wedding.  We salvaged pieces of the green silk, added a sturdy check lining to the back and the result was this set of 6 silk tablemats.  The faded fabric in some spots, in our minds, adds beauty to the set and makes the table setting exotic! 

Set of 6 tablemats. The coaster is not part of this set ... check out our Kantha coasters and match them up with the green silk tablemats for a perfect holiday setting!

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