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Hand Embroidered Kantha Laptop Case

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Hand embroidered cotton fabric using the traditional art form of Kantha is beautiful to begin with. Add to that the fact that this craft form is providing employment to women in the remote town of Kirnahar in West Bengal AND empowering women in Chennai when they make beautiful products with it, and what you have is a winner! Sustainable, responsible and empowering this laptop cover is perfect for a Mac Book Air. The inside is lined with a layer of soft sponge and plain green cotton fabric. A magnetic button completes the case! 

We have ONLY one of these for Mac Book Air and one for a larger laptop -- when you use leftover or recycled fabric you cannot make multiples and that is the best part of this case! Unique and completely hand made!

Larger: 11.5" X 14" with 18" diameter

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